Dr. Dorree Lynn Provides Sage Counseling for Daters Facing Challenges in Love, Sex & Relationships

by Amber Brooks Published 6/12/18 by Dr. Dorree Lynn has lived a life of abundant adventure. In almost 77 years, she has traveled extensively, adopted children in India and Asia, earned a doctorate in psychology, published three books, and established her expertise in a variety of topics, including sexuality, caregiving, holistic health, and retirement.… Read More

5 Tips for Smooth Sex as We Age

The reality of changing bodies calls for more imagination by Dr. Dorree Lynn Published 7/9/15 by Once upon a time in America, there were many people over 50 who wanted to be intimate, loving and sexually active, yet they were having trouble knowing how. They were beginning to understand that sex has no expiration… Read More

Over 50? Don’t Age Gracefully, Live Agelessly

What does “getting older” mean to you? by Dr. Dorree Lynn Published 7/6/12 by It doesn’t matter whether you’re 49 or 94, it’s okay to be a little loopy. Modern culture already recognizes that the older you become, the stranger you get, and there are plenty of ageless individuals out there with great senses… Read More

50 Shades of Grand

You don’t need a membership to “sexercise,” and it burns more calories than going to the gym! by Dr. Dorree Lynn Published 7/1/12 by “He follows with two sharp thrusts, and he freezes, pouring himself into me as he finds his release….” Shocked? Irritated? Excited? This quote is from the book Fifty Shades of… Read More

Granny Gets Her Groove On

by Dr. Dorree Lynn Published 6/2/11 by Last weekend my husband and I were sitting on the beach on the east coast of Florida, when I noticed him staring at a group of gorgeous, bikini-clad women walking along the shore. I’m talking about drop-dead gorgeous bodies. You can imagine his shock, and then my… Read More