Tips for Exploring Your Sexuality at Midlife and Beyond

Being open about your intimacy and becoming a sex pioneer

by Dr. Dorree Lynn

Published 7/31/15 by

When it comes to aging and sex, aware of it or not, like it or not, we have become our own pioneers.

While some of us look into the mirror and see a facsimile of our parents or grandparents, others look quite different from those generations before us. Maybe because of ever increasing cosmetic procedures, or possibly because we’re eating well and exercising, we appear younger than previous generations did at our age.

However we look, it is indisputable that we over 50 are living longer, healthier and more active lives than any generation before us. A man reaching 65 today can expect to live to age 84, and woman to almost 87. Most babies born in 1900 didn’t live past 50. Not only that, a majority of us are sexually active either alone or with a partner.

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