Health & Beauty

How Far Is Too Far To Go For Beauty?

I was pleased to be featured as a guest on Retirement Living Channel’s “Daily Café.”  The subject of the segment was plastic surgery: “How far is too far to go for beauty? Actress Demi Moore admitted to using medical leeches to “detox” her blood. Priscilla Presley’s doctor faced charges for injecting her with a low-grade… Read More

Oscar Reflections & Beauty Tips

Through sleepy eyes, I half watched the Oscars ritual last night. My personal favorites seem insignificant and on the whole I was pleased and relieved by the relatively short acceptance speeches.  Once again though, I was aware of how so few people seemed to age and have the faces of character that come with years.… Read More

Statins Seem to Help: So Does Love

As we consider our heath as we age, it’s vital to consider our view towards medication. A research report on the benefits of report on Statins (April 13th 2007) expanded my considerations about self care options. Though I am not a big proponent of taking drugs for the sake of taking drugs, these facts have… Read More

Cosmetics: My Personal Favorites

Beauty may be more than skin deep. But for most of us, our skin is the first portal to our inside essence. There are few women who in their pursuit of lookin’ good haven’t tried various cosmetics from corner drugstore to shopping mall to spa – and in the process spent small fortunes. When I… Read More