Health & Beauty

How Far Is Too Far To Go For Beauty?

I was pleased to be featured as a guest on Retirement Living Channel’s “Daily Café.”  The subject of the segment was plastic surgery: “How far is too far to go for beauty? Actress Demi Moore admitted to using medical leeches to “detox” her blood. Priscilla Presley’s doctor faced charges for injecting her with a low-grade… Read More

Oscar Reflections & Beauty Tips

Through sleepy eyes, I half watched the Oscars ritual last night. My personal favorites seem insignificant and on the whole I was pleased and relieved by the relatively short acceptance speeches.  Once again though, I was aware of how so few people seemed to age and have the faces of character that come with years.… Read More

Statins Seem to Help: So Does Love

As we consider our heath as we age, it’s vital to consider our view towards medication. A research report on the benefits of report on Statins (April 13th 2007) expanded my considerations about self care options. Though I am not a big proponent of taking drugs for the sake of taking drugs, these facts have… Read More