If You Feel Sexy, You Are Sexy

portrait of sensual multi-ethnic couple at home, half-naked black african guy and caucasian redhead female in underwear in love, diverse peopleWelcome to the wonderful, sometimes confusing, and always exciting world of sex. Those of us who are long past being kids have one set of issues. Elders tend to fall into two camps. Either you inwardly smile knowing that Grown-Up sex, like fine wine, just gets better and better with age, or you shrug your shoulders and say, “Sex after fifty, sixty, seventy and past one hundred? Does it really exist?” The truth is sex in the second half of life really can exist, and though it may be different from what you remember when you were younger, it can actually be even better than before.

For those who are part of Gen XYZ, sex can be just as confusing. Stats tell us that though hook-ups are more frequent than those who are Grown-Ups, relationships, sex and even gender issues are confusing as well. In the beginning we are all driven by hormones: I call it the meeting of testosterone boulevard and estrogen avenue. In today’s world we so often let our fingers on phones do the communicating that we forget how to be in the presence of another live person. So, relationships falter and the old-fashioned penis and vagina relationship (in all genders) is often a muddle as well.

I’m here to help all of you get less confused and enjoy your lives more. No one can tell you what is right or wrong. We have to take responsibility for our own decisions and their consequences. We are in charge of ourselves. Whatever your outlook there’s one truism that holds for all. “Better Thinking, Better Sex”

What’s the biggest sex organ? (No not that one), nor is it skin. It really is mostly all in your head. The BRAIN is the biggest sex organ because what we have been taught, think, feel, want, fantasize about creates the conditions and attitudes that we experience as sexy (or not). Skin is nice. Friction is stimulating. But for most at any age, the head leads the body.

The most important thing to realize if you want a more fulfilling, richer, more satisfying sensual, sex life no one is going to magically make it happen for you. Your sexual experience is literally in your own hands (and head). This is great news because it means you have the power to change it, if you like. No matter what media says, if you feel sexy, you are. This is true apart or together.