My Mission

The word psychology derives from Greek roots meaning study of the psyche, or soul (ψυχή psychē, “breath, spirit, soul”. The word Therapist is derived from the Latin therapīa and from Ancient Greek θεραπεία (therapeía, “service”. Thus the therapist’s original task was to be in or of service as a helper to the soul. I subscribe to and value this definition.

I prefer curiosity to judgment. Whatever one’s religious or non-religious belief, I invite others to consider this outlook as well. I am available to help all who are committed to change. All ages, sexes and orientations are welcome. However, I have three areas that I’m particularly drawn to.

My history has come together in several ways. The trajectory of my three books has culminated in triple “hit”. My professional interests and abilities reflect my personal evolving “home run”. I welcome you to our team. Working together you have the opportunity to change. My mission is to help you.

  1. Aging well: With as much health as we can.

If 1/3 of our health is generally considered genetic, that gives us 2/3 that we are responsible for. Although, there are many who offer alternative explanations and believe that there are forces in the cosmos beyond our conscious control. I consider this view valid.

  1. Relationships, sexuality and intimacy with two specific foci.

One: is my deep concern that a downside of the rapid rise of technology keeps young people from learning conversation, intimacy and healthy sexuality.

We are the pioneers we once sought. Thus, I have become an advocate of mentoring those who come after us. Should we choose, it is a responsibility and gift that comes with the wisdom of years well lived. We must learn from youth and mentor them with our wisdom. We need Intergenerational Connection. Thus, I lecture and mentor to and learn from different age groups.

  1. Sex has no expiration date.

We now live approximately 1/3 longer than we did in 1900. Longevity is our new asset and nemesis, especially when it comes to illness, meaning, relationships, intimacy and sex.

Many of our sage elders are woefully ignorant and/or just shy about dating, and sex. Additionally, older women and men live in a world of all too frequent medical ignorance. Women have little help. Men have even less. And couples may be near ground zero.

Good relationships and intimacy of all kinds are the glue that bonds. Any challenges that interfere, be they dating poor sex, no sex or confused connections are worth pursuing. I’m here to help.