Sex for Grownups

Dr. Dorree Reveals the Truths, Lies, and Must-Tries for Great Sex After 50

Once upon time in America, there were many, many grown ups approaching 50 and even more after 50, who were rapidly becoming the major age group in the land. In spite of this fact, these wonderful pioneers were still trying to hang onto the youngsters who they remembered themselves to be. They wanted to look younger, act younger, feel younger, and especially, have sex liked they did when they were younger. After all, everyone on TV and everywhere else said this was very, very good and certainly quite possible. And who doesn’t like being told you can have exactly what you think you want for as long as you want to have it? Such myths keep some sparkle in our lives and become the fairy dust of our hopes and dreams. How else can we live happily ever after?

Yes, We Still Do It!

Fairy tales always end with the prince and princess some how finding each other, but they never tell what happens next. We are happy to put up with miseries of Cinderella scrubbing the floor earlier in the story because we know she gets the hunk in the end. And we’re perfectly happy not to get to see her back on her knees again, a few years later, scrubbing away baby puke. The messiness of real love, real sex, and real life are not the stuff of fairy tales. That’s why sleeping beauty is awakened by a kiss at the end of the tale, not the beginning. After that, all the x-rated foreplay, the messy, juicy sex, the relationship issues, financial strains, communication breakdowns, and all the other downs and ups of real life are magically missing from our fairy tales. Given how complex life actually is and how differently women and men view both the process and the goal, it’s a wonder that anyone manages to have. Sex for Grownups is your “get real” fairy tale. In it, real men and women live in the real world and can still manage to live happily ever after — usual after they challenge the myths, ignore the lies, and start exploring some new grownup must-tries that can make sex after 50 truly magical. Why must we release our so beloved myths? Because these very myths that are so appealing earlier in life (the idea that we don’t have to age and sex will never change) end up hurting us later in life when we are forced to face naked truth (quite literally). OR: are forced to face the reality of aging. Quite naturally, none of us want to think about any of it until we have to.

We age, we grow, we change, and so does sex. Sex after 50 can be deliciously and wondrously satisfying, but since life is not a fairy tale, we don’t get to have it that way without some effort. This book is here to help and support you as you sort through the myths and lies, and maybe help you attempt the must-tries for the best sex possible, as we all stumble and bumble along the best we can. We hope if you will take the time, not just to read this book, but set aside a myth or two of your choosing and actually try some of these suggestions, it may make all the difference in your life. Life can be lived happily ever after — sort of. And that’s better than any fairy tale.