As Are You, I Too Am A Work in Progress…
Together, The Best is Yet to Come

Dr. Dorree Lynn is a nationally known celebrity psychotherapist, sex-pert, author, lecturer and media personality. She has helped thousands of men and women achieve intimacy, vitality and the best sex of their lives no matter what their age. Dr. Dorree offers solutions to a myriad of sex issues that are more common than you may know. World traveled, Dr. Dorree Lynn has recently chosen “historic and hip” Charleston as her home.

She was the media sex-pert for AARP and the founder of the Fifty & Furthermore e-zine. As a psychologist, she has been the respected ear to power-brokers in government, media, corporate America, and the arts.

Dr. Dorree has been an international speaker, consultant, the host of multiple radio programs, and a regular media expert for the American Psychological Association (APA).

You can read her mission statement for more about her beliefs. You can find in-depth snippets of her ever evolving integrative outreach through her articles, books, media and her contributions to other’s works. Her down to earth, pragmatic and process approach is often peppered with humor and salted with wisdom. Dr. Dorree knows life from the inside out. She has is here to serve you as you too may stumble and thrive along your own life path. Watch for her new upcoming on-line seminars. On the contact page, you can make an appointment or connect with her for speaking and media.

Dr. Dorree Lynn’s Areas of Expertise

Sexuality & Intimacy
Aging w/ Zest
Divorce & Family
Retirement Done Well
Holistic Health
Living Fully After A Loss
Business Consultant

Dr. Dorree Lynn is the Author of Three Books


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