Statins Seem to Help: So Does Love

As we consider our heath as we age, it’s vital to consider our view towards medication. A research report on the benefits of report on Statins (April 13th 2007) expanded my considerations about self care options.

Though I am not a big proponent of taking drugs for the sake of taking drugs, these facts have somewhat altered my thinking. I tend to think we are an overmedicated and under exercised society. I believe that with a healthy lifestyle many drugs can be avoided. I have an innate suspicion about how America’s general population and the drug companies are in cahoots to find pills to get quickly fixed, rather than for individuals to learn to take care of themselves.

After all those who are becoming obese remains our fastest growing population. However, sometimes medications do matter and do help

The highlights of the study’s results follow:

• People on statins had lower death risk from emphysema, chronic bronchitis
• Statins patients also had a lower risk of dying from influenza or pneumonia
• Study supports theory that statins might help patients with H5N1 avian influenza
• Statins, including Lipitor, Pravachol, Zocor, are world’s best-selling drugs

After checking with two heart specialists, both believe that so far, given my healthy blood pressure and cholesterol ratio, I should not be on a statin comprised drug. Instead, I continue with my chosen health regime oriented towards meditation, and exercise (Yoga, Pilates, walking and loving relationships.) Still, I wonder when my time to take such prescriptions will come and the choice that I will make. Will I stick to alternative methods such as homeopathy, acupuncture and the other multiple other methods that I’m familiar with? Or, will I go Western and join my Saging colleagues with some of the common prescriptions that appear to help hearts stay healthy?

One thing I am sure of, with years, bodies need help staying healthy. What I will do and use, I don’t know. But will I consider the researching the possible positive uses of statins? Since the research is pretty powerful, you bet I will.

February is healthy heart month. Wearing red alone does not keep a heart healthy. While bringing awareness to what one needs to do to stay heart healthy. One needs to remember that hearts, often need medication and surgery to stay healthy, but that loving hearts may be the best medication around.

Previously Published in 2008