5 Tips for Smooth Sex as We Age

The reality of changing bodies calls for more imagination

by Dr. Dorree Lynn

Published 7/9/15 by NextAvenue.org

Once upon a time in America, there were many people over 50 who wanted to be intimate, loving and sexually active, yet they were having trouble knowing how. They were beginning to understand that sex has no expiration date, yet the challenges of aging — from low libido to confusion about condoms, toys and other aids — were working against their ability to have smooth sex.

Youthful fairy tales always crest with the prince and princess finding each other. Ah, but you’ll notice the story always ends there. With added years, when the fairy tale fades and reality intrudes, many of us are stumped about what to do with our changing bodies and once easily fulfilled sexual desires. The media bombards us with products that promise to fulfill our every fantasy. How do we know what’s right for us?

Here, I’ve culled five pragmatic tips to make sex smoother, less complicated, more enjoyable and more fun:

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