Who I Am


This short peace is a preface, foreplay, if you will It is meant to titillate and peak your interest. Join me. My journey, though different than yours, has elements we share. Together we will learn and grow.

Most of us have dreams unfulfilled. What makes us decide to turn that dream into a reality? Does one wake up one day with a new life plan? Or, is it something that percolates in the subconscious for ages, until one day, for some reason one says “no” to an opportunity and “yes” to another and a Gestalt shifts? Figure becomes ground and ground, figure. Or, is a decision made due to a confluence of events, attention paid, and actions taken that require, vision, passion, discipline and courage?

At almost 72 defining Who I Am has opened me to a new possible definition of Self. With what feels like a sudden flash flood, I am thinking out of my box and find myself rethinking how to make happen so many dreams put aside during the business of living a life appropriate for it’s time.

I fought for decades with America’s term “retirement.” I coined the term ReFIREment. But, writing for others is easier than making it an actuality for myself. Or does one often write, for oneself to put in print what is a blueprint for seeing into one’s own soul?

My web designer and I constantly disagree. He wants my past put aside and for me to start afresh. While, I don’t need all my articles, books, media and history visible; they remain the foundation, the metaphoric DNA of what make me who I am today. So, history will remain visible for those who choose to read it.

I am truly excited by a new plan that encompasses a new way of life. Dear loved ones, family, friends, followers, stay with me as I Evolve. Support me and please try to understand if I turn away from directions I’ve promised and that have included you. I do not consider myself “airy fairy” and do not believe events are always meant to be. (No one will ever convince me that genocide and the Holocaust and other life tragedies happen for a reason). We are all born with genetic propensities, life circumstances impact us, then as with a deck of cards, how we play our particular game is up to us. The outcome is always unknown.

Kevin, my friend and webmaster, chose Evolve as the working platform for my new site. Synchronicity? Serendipity? Intuition? Happenstance? Whatever the chosen explanation, there could be no better concept. Ultimately, self authenticity, personal integrity, growth matter most.

Come along with me as I gently share my new version of an old path. A dream, possibly fulfilled?

This much I know to do.
Finish current tasks with care.
Process ethically
Keep doors open.
Feel anxiety: physiologically, it’s the same as excitement. Choose the latter.
Tie final bows loosely.
Consider those around you.
Love deeply and passionately.
Take baby steps.
And swim.
Dreams can be made real…sometimes.

Join me on my journey. Perhaps, it will help you on yours?