What I Do

Dr. Dorree Lynn - What I DoCelebrity former psychologist, wise elder, and national “sexpert,” Dr. Dorree Lynn founded the website FiftyandFurthermore.com as an interactive, sexy-post 50 wisdom portal. Dr. Dorree offers tons of juicy tid-bits and meaty information about everything from how to find Mr. (or Mrs.) Right, to “granny erotica,” the latest condoms and vaginal lubes, stunning stats about HIV and STD’s as well as how to talk to your kids and parents about intimacy, sex and healthy offers up to date information about how to live a healthy life style. Men and women of wisdom who still have pulse, now have a place to freely share your thoughts, anonymously tell your secrets, ask outlandish (and not-so-outlandish) questions, and discover – along with some great insights – that we really are precious, lovely, sexy, and wise at every age and stage. Dr. Dorree combines wit and wisdom while sharing her own experience as well as concrete information. People of all ages have sought her out. After spending some time on her site, you may too.