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These are some of the screaming headlines that cut across our news on a daily basis. The battle for women’s rights rages ruthlessly across our land. How can this have happened?

Though the US has made strides in just about all areas of human rights and gender equality, the segment that has been left behind is a women’s control over her own body. As a woman who grew up in the fifties and had friend’s die on back room abortionist’s tables in the sixties, no matter what I think about fetal rights, woman rights take precedent. We have an Afro-American President, gay rights have made huge strides, transgender courses are taught along with women’s studies programs, Caucasians and those under fifty will soon be in the minority. The demographics and pictorial face of our country is truly changing, yet we remain in the dark ages when we are confronted with the views and legal ramifications of a woman’s control over her own body.

I, and many of my friends and colleagues, whether or not we leaned towards being “women’s libbers” never imagined that forty-one years after the 1973 supreme court landmark Roe vs. Wade victory we’d be back in the trenches again. How can this be?

Other countries, in fact predominantly Catholic ones, such as Chile and Uruguay and almost all of Europe (OK, Ireland may be an exception) are way ahead of our thinking and our laws. They are so far advanced that in this arena we tend to look like, in fact we are, a third world country,

How did this happen? What does the Tea Party know about women’s struggle? A treatise on how we’ve reversed directions is too long and complicated for this short Blog, nor is it my goal. My simple statement is that I am personally heartsick by our current ignorant and adversarial battle. My admiration for the services and values Planned Parenthood provides hasn’t veered from remaining unabashedly filled with admiration.

We must support Planed Parenthood and their efforts. Without them, the dark ages may engulf us yet.

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