Dr. Dorree Dedicates This Site to you

drdorree-picDr. Dorree dedicates this site to you. Life deals everyone a mixed deck of cards.  Our biological make-up, life experience, environment, and how we play the hand we are dealt all determine who we are at any given time. Though we each have a central core, bumps, bruises, joy, and laughter shift and flow around it in ever-changing combinations. We each have the grace of being the person we are in the moment at the same time we are forever in the process of developing into another version of ourselves. My goal, which I hope is also yours, is to embrace each of our unique life journeys and dare to fly higher day by day. The simple act of daily living is the most complex and unpredictable experience we can have. With practical advice, incisive comments, thoughtful blogs, and attentive purpose, I offer you a community to help you connect with your truest Self. At any age, at any stage, let us help each other EVOLVE.

We wise elders are the pioneers we used to seek. As we are cutting new swaths, those younger than ourselves, growing up [and on] in a web world without walls, can guide us into new terrain.  As we reach across the generations with a focus on health, relationships, sexuality, spirituality and love, together we can EVOLVE to our best selves and influence a world that dearly needs our wisdom.