Dr. Dorree Lynn's BoutiqueDr. Dorree, founder of the Center for Relationship, Sexuality & Spirituality, is well known for consulting to individuals and couples. For many years she has been actively involved in a holistic-integrated approach. She believes that what goes on our body is as important as what goes in our body. Thus, she has spent many years researching intimacy products that are primarily organic and environmentally friendly. Here, culled from hundreds  that are available, she offers some of her personal favorites. Every now and then, as she comes across a new and interesting product, she will tell you about it and invite you to try it.

What works for you? If you submit a substantive review for publication, you’ll receive a free autographed copy of her latest well- received book: Sex For Grownups: Dr. Dorree Reveals the Truths, Lies, and Must-Tries for Great Sex After 50. The book is for all those who have been privileged to reach the half-century mark, as well as those who will be fortunate enough to get there. Dr. Dorree welcomes your feedback. What you say matters. This boutique exists to help you. Together we can offer the best intimacy and sexuality  available. Remember; a good relationship, intimacy and sex have no expiration dates.

When it comes to the toys and health products that I bring into my life, I try to buy as organic (or renewable) as possible. Below you will find some of my favorite must-haves! Check back often, I’m always adding new fabulous divine desires!


Sex Butter

Buy Sex ButterWomen who have tried Sex Butter have found Sex Butter to be extremely effective at boosting sexual appetite, arousal, sensation, and fulfillment.

Sex Butter is 100% pure organic, safe, hormone-free, paraben-free, chemical-free, and hypo-allergenic. Sex Butter has no known drug interactions. After applying Sex Butter, it takes minutes to feel the sensation begin and may last up to an hour. This product may be reapplied at anytime during foreplay or intercourse.

Sex Butter was specifically formulated in the high altitude clean mountain air of New Mexico straight from the alchemist’s apothecary. The butter is formulated not only to be fun but also very functional in aiding, healing and protecting the skin.

Condom Safe? Sex Butter may be used safely with polyurethane or lambskin condoms. While it will not harm a latex condom, condom manufacturers recommend that no oil-based lubricants be used with latex condoms to prevent tearing or slippage.

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Dr. Dorree recommends

The First Body Care System That Supports Your Sexy – before and especially after sex. Formulated to address the body’s regenerative needs caused by friction, pH imbalance, lubrication, hair removal, diet, sports and age. SHE AfterCare works with your body’s own natural chemistry to comfort, heal, recover and rebalance. Holistically formulated –
nourishing organic and natural ingredients are partnered with proven science to accelerate the repair of your sensitive skin.

After Glow Ring


Cleansing Tissues

Conveniently cleanse self or partner before/after intimacy or anytime.

Removes the guess work from cleaning pleasure devices.

Cooling & calming on intimate skin.

Features a reliable surgery grade cleansing ingredient.

Scented with Bergamot, a natural antiseptic & deodorant.


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Natural Cleansing Foam

Feel restored, clean & condent.

pH-balanced rich foam comforts, conditions & protects tender skin.

Vitamin B & Calendula provide natural anti-inammatory & antioxidant traits.

Infused with Comfry to stimulate healing & soothe mucous membranes.


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After Shave Ring


Natural After-Grooming Therapy

Soothe your way back to polished, glowing skin.

Treats & moisturizes skin irritated by hair removal.

Greatly inhibits annoying ingrowns & itchy bumps.

Combines Chamomile & Meadow foam oils to pamper skin.

Squalane & Argon oil deeply moisturize with healing benets.


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After Trace Ring


Natural Scent Neutralizer

Experience authentic freshness not perfumes or masking scents.

Works with the body’s natural defenses for skin fitness.

Calms & restores intimate skin.

Organic Aloe helps reduce inflammation & promotes healing.

7 naturally derived botanicals have powerful benefits for body & aroma therapy.


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