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About Dr. Dorree LynnDC celebrity psychologist for many decades, Dr. Dorree has evolved into a wise elder, national “Sexpert,” Author and Consultant and Pro-Aging expert who has expanded her interests to include spirituality and other venues… Dr. Dorree Lynn originally founded the website FiftyandFurthermore as an interactive, sexy-post 50 wisdom portal. With FiftyandFurthermore Dr. Dorree offered tons of juicy tidbits and meaty information about everything from how to find Mr. (or Mrs.) Right, to “granny erotica,” the latest condoms and vaginal lubes, stunning stats about HIV and STD’s as well as how to talk to your kids and parents about intimacy, sex and tons of other stuff. She focused on giving men and women of wisdom a place to freely share their thoughts, anonymously tell their secrets, ask outlandish (and not-so-outlandish) questions, and discover – along with some great insights – that they really are precious, lovely, sexy, and wise at every age.

Originally, a NY City native, Dr. Dorree moved from the nation’s capital and now resides in Northern Florida traveling the world to continue seeking and learning. For close to four decades, Dr. Lynn maintained a “Master Class” psychotherapy practice in Washington, DC. As a then practicing psychologist, she was the respected ear to power-brokers in government, media, corporate America and the arts. Author of three books and multiple articles, she continues to share her expanding interest in healthy aging with a loving heart. She continues her media, consulting, education and writing under the auspices of The Center for Relationship, Sexuality and Spirituality. Dr. Dorree believes that community sustains us. Thus, she welcomes your input and suggestions to this site. Dr. Dorree hopes you will make it your home.

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This article first appeared in the February 2012 issue of Life’s Journey by Dr. Dorree Lynn. To read the full article please follow this link Aging with Zest by Dr. Dorree Lynn or click the image below.



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